April 20th Devens Autocross

NE-SVT hosted an autocross at Devens today. I have come to realize I am taking far too many pictures, and can’t edit them all to be presented in a way I am pleased with. This gallery has a lot of pictures in less than perfect focus and sharpness, however I have posted them all for the drivers who like to analyse camber and other aspects of how his or her car is handling. In the future my aim is now to take far fewer pictures and focus more on technique and creative/interesting shots than sheer numbers. Feel free to discuss this here as comments can be left.

April 15th Winter’s End

This gallery was shot between February and April. This is another random gallery, including graffiti, nature, more rusty junk, and even some dirty dishes! Most photos were taken with my 35mm and 10-24mm lenses, though my 70-300mm snuck in there as well. All images have been post processed.

April 6th Devens Autocross

At Devens in Ayer, MA

I shot my first autocross of the season today at Devens in Ayer, MA hosted by TCUSA. It was windy and cold with over 40 drivers participating. I had to leave early for work therefore each car has between 20 and 40 pictures. (I got all of the first run group, but only half of the second.) In all there are nearly 1500 pictures. I know a lot of the drivers like to analyze how his or her vehicle is reacting, so I have posted all the shots (even the less sharp ones).

Thanks to the generous donations I received from the autocross events last year I was able to open this site and replace my malfunctioning 55-200mm lens with a wonderful 70-300mm VR lens which I used to shoot this event. I plan on working towards more creative photos, so please consider donating if you like what I am doing. Don’t forget to check out and like my facebook page as well if you enjoyed these photos.

December 1st Wicked Music Festival at the Palladium

Wicked Music Festival

My friend Eryk’s band Burned in the Process is featured in this gallery along with several other bands that played this venue. I had a great time shooting this concert, and it was the first time I used my new Nikkor 70-300mm VR that has replaced my malfunctioning 55-200mm VR. Most of this venue was shot using my 35mm f1.8 lens. I did not use a flash for any shots.

November 27th Cats: Kona, Arika, and Emelio

Kona, Akira, & Emelio

The cats of summer

Contained within the confines of this gallery I present my three cats: Kona, Akira, and Emelio. Kona is the black one; she has full kinetic potential at any given moment. She will be the most wonderful little ball of snuggle, however, when the tail coils she will occupy three different places at once. Akira is the orange one. She’s a lazy, fat cat always trying to sneak a snack, with a fearsome potential for cattitude at the drop of a dime. When she’s not in a purrito state, she is usally licking her food bowl waiting for her next meal. The white one is Emelio. He’s not very bright, but is the best lap warmer around. He doesn’t understand why the orange one never wants to play unless it’s with claws. He’s a bit neurotic but comes fully equiped with a cloaking device which he will activate upon the arrival of unknown guests.

November 26th Random Photos

Random photos from Summer.

This is a collection of random photos I have taken throughout the summer, from old rusty junk to freshly picked hops, and even some things on fire! All photos have been post-processed. I shot all of these on a Nikon D5100 using any of the following Nikkor lenses: 10-24mm (3.5-4.5), 18-55mm (3.5-5.6 VR), 35mm (1.8), and 55-200mm (4-5.6 VR).


November 2nd Home

Home is where Jen is.

This gallery is dedicated to my beautiful fiancé, Jen. Without her my photography would have just been something I only thought about. Her generosity made it possible for me to pursue this passion, and her skill in web design is what made this site a reality. She is an artist, a cat-lover, and fiercely loyal. I love her beyond words, and no matter where we are, as long as we are together I am home.

October 27th Autocross at Devens


At Devens in Ayer, MA

Hosted by NE-SVT

NE-SVT hosted their last official autocross of the season today at Devens in Ayer, MA. The early morning fog created some fantastic imagery with the course disappearing into the void, and the roar of unseen V8’s echoing off invisible walls. After discovering my lens was malfunctioning at the NHIS event I tried using a couple different lenses for this event. After unsatisfying results, I went back to the broken lens and used it with the VR feature disabled. I also began experimenting with some other settings, which now gives most shots a better sense of speed. I really enjoyed shooting this event, and I look forward to attending more events next year, with a better lens!

October 19th Track Day at NHIS

At NHIS in Louden, NH

BMWCCA hosted a track day event at New Hampshire International Speedway that I was invited to today. I met up with a few of the drivers at 5:00AM and headed north. It was rainy, but gave me a good opportunity to test my bad weather equipment for my camera. I also discovered halfway through the event that the VR (image stabilization) on my lens has been malfunctioning and causing a lot of pictures to be less sharp than I’d like. It has apparently been doing this for all of the previous autocross events I attended. I turned off the feature and kept shooting, but now I’m in the marked for a new telephoto lens.