November 27th Cats: Kona, Arika, and Emelio

Kona, Akira, & Emelio

The cats of summer

Contained within the confines of this gallery I present my three cats: Kona, Akira, and Emelio. Kona is the black one; she has full kinetic potential at any given moment. She will be the most wonderful little ball of snuggle, however, when the tail coils she will occupy three different places at once. Akira is the orange one. She’s a lazy, fat cat always trying to sneak a snack, with a fearsome potential for cattitude at the drop of a dime. When she’s not in a purrito state, she is usally licking her food bowl waiting for her next meal. The white one is Emelio. He’s not very bright, but is the best lap warmer around. He doesn’t understand why the orange one never wants to play unless it’s with claws. He’s a bit neurotic but comes fully equiped with a cloaking device which he will activate upon the arrival of unknown guests.