April 6th Devens Autocross

At Devens in Ayer, MA

I shot my first autocross of the season today at Devens in Ayer, MA hosted by TCUSA. It was windy and cold with over 40 drivers participating. I had to leave early for work therefore each car has between 20 and 40 pictures. (I got all of the first run group, but only half of the second.) In all there are nearly 1500 pictures. I know a lot of the drivers like to analyze how his or her vehicle is reacting, so I have posted all the shots (even the less sharp ones).

Thanks to the generous donations I received from the autocross events last year I was able to open this site and replace my malfunctioning 55-200mm lens with a wonderful 70-300mm VR lens which I used to shoot this event. I plan on working towards more creative photos, so please consider donating if you like what I am doing. Don’t forget to check out and like my facebook page as well if you enjoyed these photos.

December 1st Wicked Music Festival at the Palladium

Wicked Music Festival

My friend Eryk’s band Burned in the Process is featured in this gallery along with several other bands that played this venue. I had a great time shooting this concert, and it was the first time I used my new Nikkor 70-300mm VR that has replaced my malfunctioning 55-200mm VR. Most of this venue was shot using my 35mm f1.8 lens. I did not use a flash for any shots.

October 19th Track Day at NHIS

At NHIS in Louden, NH

BMWCCA hosted a track day event at New Hampshire International¬†Speedway that I was invited to today. I met up with a few of the drivers at 5:00AM and headed north. It was rainy, but gave me a good opportunity to test my bad weather equipment for my camera. I also discovered halfway through the event that the VR (image stabilization) on my lens has been malfunctioning and causing a lot of pictures to be less sharp than I’d like. It has apparently been doing this for all of the previous autocross events I attended. I turned off the feature and kept shooting, but now I’m in the marked for a new telephoto lens.

November 19th Race of the Century

In Stow, MA

Hosted by the Collings Foundation

Hosted by the Collings Foundation. From their website: During the early 1900’s the first auto carriages were invented. The thought of a “horseless carriage” rumbling down the path – or better yet – a “flying machine” moving through the air seemed amazing. The traditional horse and buggy quickly became history with the emergence of auto carriages like the 1905 Franklin and aircraft such as the 1909 Bleriot Type XI.